Braves To Finish Strong Into All-Star Break

Jun 24, 2012 -- 7:45pm

   The Braves are 13 games from the All-Star break, as they start this 10-game homestand. Sure would be nice to polish up that losing home record (15-17). Right now, that looks a bit ugly. Got to turn that trend around starting now, if you want to be taken seriously.

   The Diamondbacks hit town first. Kirk Gibson's crew has hung tough out west, but we need to take this series. Then, the Nationals show up. Braves need to turn it around against them. Right now, the Nats are 4-1 against us. That's got to change. The lousy Cubs will show up for a 4-game series. Need to take it to those bums.

   Bascially, the Braves need to finish the first half playing strong baseball. The line-up is back at full strength. Freeman, Heyward and Simmons are swinging the bat. Bourn and Prado are getting on base a lot.

   McCann, Uggla and Chipper need to elevate these last 13 games. Score some runs in this homestand.

   Hudson and Hanson get the rock in the first two games against Arizona. They need to set the tone. Jurrjens painted black in his first start back. Could it be that he'll deliver in the 2nd half? That would be huge, obviously. Give us 3 veteran starters, again.

   As far as the All-Star game goes, Bourn deserves to be on the team. So does Kimbrel. If Uggla can get hot, he can make it.

   Time to play some good ball, boys! Set the tone for the 2nd half.

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