Braves Roughing Up Pitchers

May 07, 2012 -- 7:47am

   We could get used to this, uh? The Braves are pounding the baseball. Putting up impressive offensive numbers. This is fun, man. Sure hope this keeps up.

   During that unprecedented 14-year run, pitching led the way. That was fun too. We didn't need many runs to win. Obviously, Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux spoiled us.

   But this is awesome. Right now, the Braves lead MLB in runs scored. The sweep in Denver included 29 runs and 42 hits. No lead is safe for the opponent. The Braves are averaging 5.5 runs per game.

   Bourn is tearing it up, up top...hitting in 10 straight. Michael has 13 multi-hit games (Braves played 29 games) and is on pace to have his first 100 run season. His on base percentage is at a career high at .394.

   Freddie Freeman has been amazing too. Dude pounded Rockies pitching, going 6-14 at the plate, with 7 RBI. It's early, but Freddie is on pace to hit 34 HR and drive in 145 runs. And he is playing a gold glove first base. Swing the bat, Freddie!

   Chipper Jones is swinging the bat. He has 21 RBI in 18 games. Love it! And by the way, he'd wipe the floor with Jamie Moyer. What a joke. The only questionable thing Chipper has done this season is get Lemke involved in this Moyer/stealing signs contro.

   Anyway, I dig this scoring a lot of runs routine. Sure makes it fun for the fans. Hope to see you down at the ballpark soon.

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