Falcons Draft Grade

May 01, 2012 -- 8:17am

   Okay, so the grade---as always---is an incomplete. Can't really know what you've got, until they play some football. Right now, it's difficult to tell. But I'll play along.

   I give the Falcons an "A" for the first pick. Peter Konz was the top-rated center in the draft. So, he's a great fit. McClure was lured back for one more year. Really like the scouting report on Konz: good run blocker, gets movement with drive blocks, finishes off his man, adjusts well to stunts and blitzes, mobile, and blocks well on move.

   Konz has had some injury issues, but he's positioned to be the Falcons center for years to come. Why did the Falcons take Peter over OT Mike Adams? Safer selection, with Adams red flags.

   The rest of the Falcons draft is not going to get anyone excited. It just isn't.

   Big Lamar Holmes out of S. Miss is a project at OT. He's a huge man, who has issues with speed off the edge. One scouting manual had Holmes the 22nd rated OT in the draft. Falcons took him in the 3rd round. Sure hope Dimitroff found a diamond in the rough here. We've seen Thomas pass on a number of OT's in the draft. Wonder why he took this guy?

   The 5th round pick was Wisconsin fullback Bradie Ewing. Ovie Mughelli and his $3M salary get some competition this training camp. Ewing isn't a power blocker. He's a former RB, who can catch it. He's also a solid special teams player.

   Jonathan Massaquoi was the other 5th round selection. The Falcons need an edge rusher at DE. And that's what Massaquoi does. But he's weeak against the run. Sounds like a 3rd down/situational DE to me.

   Charles Mitchell is the safety addition. Falcons took him with a 6th round pick. Even my MIssissippi State sources came up short, when I asked about his skill set. So, who knows?  

   And South Carolina DL Travian Robertson was the final pick. He didn't really do much damage in the SEC. Shouldn't expect much here.

   Dimitroff didn't have much to work with this year. Falcons didn't select until the 55th pick. And we only had 2 picks in the first 100 players. Not a situation where you can make a lot of noise. Konz was an excellent addition. The other picks? Stay tuned.

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