Jurrjens Sent Down to AAA Gwinnett

Apr 24, 2012 -- 8:57am

   It's really amazing how far Jurrjens has fallen, since last year's All-Star break. Jair just isn't

close to being the same pitcher. And it's gotten so ugly that the Braves have decided to sent him

down to AAA Gwinnett.

   Jurrjens took the news like a man. There was no stomping out of the clubhouse or going off in

front of the media. He admitted that he isn't the same pitcher.

   He was "lights out" prior to the All-Star Game last season. Got strong consideration to being

the N.L. starter that night. But it's been an ugly, downhill run since then. After 4 starts this

season, Jair is 0-2, with a 9.37 ERA. Major League batters are hitting an amazing .411 off him.

He's allowed 30 hits in only 16 innings. Ouch! Since his appearance in the MLB All-Star Game,

Jurrjens is 1-5, with a 6.87 ERA.

   What's happened to him? How do you explain this freefall?

   Obviously, his right knee is to blame. Velocity of gone off the fastball. Rest, rehab, orthotics

and a knee brace have not solved his issues. His location has been poor, which means he's

leaving too many pitches out over the middle part of the plate. And now, his confidence is shot.

   Will he ever return to being that pitcher was watched dominate early last season?

   Jurrjens plan is to go to AAA and "keep fighting."  Tough situation for the guy. He was close

to that big contract. Wonder where it goes from here?


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