Wear a Helmet!!!

Jul 03, 2013 -- 12:14pm
I just got a text message from a good friend of mine, he told me his son is in the hospital with a head injury. Very sad and devastating news, just awful!! I didn't even ask if the boy, 17 years old, was wearing a helmet. I assume he was not.(He wasn't) There was a time when wearing a helmet to skate board, ride bikes, or roller blade was lame and a sign of weakness. Well, after losing a brother-in-law to a skate boarding accident a few years ago and now another friend with possible brain damage and a life of uncertainty, maybe I can help sway a few parents out there to put helmets on their kids.  We as parents have to force our kids to wear helmets when they do these activities,it's like shooting free throws like Larry Bird, catching passes like Tony G before practice and brushing your teeth at night, it needs to become a habit. It needs to become something you do over and over again until you no longer have to think about it, you just do it !! It starts with us as parents, we have to show our children that it is cool and it is the only way, put a helmet on your kids from day 1 and make them understand the importance of wearing a helmet. I cannot hear another story about a young life being ruined or changed because he or she was not wearing a helmet. 

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