When is it too much?

Mar 04, 2013 -- 11:30am

We have seen how monster contracts in the NBA and MLB have crippled teams. Joe Johnson with the Hawks, A-Rod and the Yankees, I can list more but I think you get the point. When these players account for massive percentages of the teams salary cap it hinders what you can do as far as building the team around that player. Is the NFL starting to become more and more like the NBA and MLB??? I hope not, but Joe Flacco just received a $120.6 million deal. Now, with signing bonuses, roster bonuses and and garaunteed money the numbers can be deferred throughout the term of the contract. When 2016 comes aroound Flacco will acoount for 22% of Baltimore's cap,$29million, there is no way they can go into that season with him taking up that much of the pie, or can they? We will see what the Ravens do down the road and how they address this issue. Will the Falcons follow suit, will the Packers follow as well, when is it too much??


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